Russian Coatings Journal

Russian market of PVA dispersions
Reasonability of «reloading»
Russian coatings market 2010: preliminary results
Russian Chemists Union is preparing to the year of chemistry
Bright colouring of Afaya seminar
The Olympic flag is raised at DOW Moscow office
New in the color of façade coatings
New conception of dispersing agents for waterborn systems
PVA dispersions and finished adhesives Duvilax produced by DUSLO, Slovakia
In-can preservatives for waterborn systems
Fire protecting decorative painting of escape routes with heat-resistant enamel «Certa»
Simulation of mechanical properties of coating material filled with wollastonite
Polyacrylatepolyols Laprol for industrial high-solid coatings
Curing of epoxy oligomers of amide-containing polyamines
Manufacture of waterproof mastics based on petroleum bitumens, modified with petroleum polymer resins
Adhesive coatings based on thermoplastic polyhydroxyesters
Technical regulation of Russian coatings market - О. V. Presnova
Influence of polyaniline adding on physic-mechanical properties of epoxy coatings
Regulation of components interaction in filled coating compositions
Study of curing of acrylurethane and epoxy polymer binders

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