Thermo- and fire-resistant coatings


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9 Water-dispersible paints: optimistic or pessimistic forecast and reality


8 Effective or bogus?


12 EPS® 572 — new modifed acrylic dispersion for special architectural coatings — Massimo Longoni, David Greener

16 Passive fre protection for hydrocarbon fre — D. A. Dybal, Ph. D. O. N. Shishilov, I. V. Garustovich

20 Intumescent сoatings: the latest developments in truly functional coatings that save lives — Christophe Baude, Maurille Sécher, Cécile Fonteneau, Dr. Alan Fream, Roman Zhukov
In recent years, thin flm intumescent coatings have become the preferred choice for the protection of structural steel and have enjoyed signifcant growth on a global basis. They provide cost-effective passive fire protection to structural steel, while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of the steel, a quality in increasing demand by architects and engineers. However, due to the ever increasing complexity of building design, the sophistication of the design and application of intumescent coatings has also increased.This article gives an overview of the current state of the
thin flm intumescent coatings market, particularly noting progress in the water-based sector, and improvements in water sensitivity, the main weakness of waterborne intumescents.
Keywords: fre retardant coating, water resistance, vinyl acetate copolymers, styrene-acrylate.

28 New components for the formulations of flame retardant materials

30 Binder for thermal and chemically resistant materials — J. V. Galkina

32 Flame retardant materials of LTD “Teplochim” —L. I. Nateikina, E. A. Shikhaliyev

40 Thermo-radiation stable enamel KO-864, on the basis of domestic raw materials — I. N. Tarasova, A. A. Denisov, Ph. D. A. S. Drinberg, I. G. Lakeev, A. Yu. Gerwart
The peculiarities of radiation resistance of various polymers are considered. Studies of the resistance of commercially available resins to prolonged exposure to temperature. Fixed the most effective curing agents for organosilicon resins. Were made tests of the developed
coatings to resistance to neutron radiation, resistance to deactivated and fire testing, determine the forecasted service life. Developed all necessary documentation for the industrial production of thermo-radiation stable enamel KO-864.
Keywords: thermal stability, radiation resistance, absorbed dose, neutron radiation, gray, fluence, decontamination


36 The study of the effect of the ceramic pigment in the composition of the highly flled paint material on the physico-chemical properties of coatings on ceramic surfaces — Ph. D. G. N. Papulova
The influence of chemical composition of ceramic pigment and its amount in the composition of the highly flled coatings on the physico-chemical properties of coatings on ceramic surfaces in consideration with acid-base properties of fllers and the values of the aluminosilicate module flled with pigmented phase was study. It was found that the use of fllers with M<2 in the composition of the highly flled coatings of different colors reduces the interval M (1.35–2.17), allows to regulate the acid-base surface properties of pigments and to increase the adsorption interaction of carbamide-formaldehyde oligomers with the surface of the pigments and fllers.
Keywords: aluminosilicate module, adsorption equilibrium, carbamide-formaldehyde oligomers

43 A study of the process of obtaining printing inks based on disperse paste — I. A. Antropova, K. E. Merkulov, prof. V. V. Menshikov, R. A. Sandu
Some properties of the printing paints received on the basis of disperse pastes have been considered. Influence of various percentage ratio of components on properties is studied.
Keywords: dispergation, disperse paste, printing ink


48 A new record of the exhibition EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW — O. M. Andrutskaya